I’m Feeling Lucky Easter Eggs

A step ahead of search Easter eggs Google also has many I’m Feeling Lucky tricks as well. Whenever you search for a keyword on Google, you get a I’m Feeling Lucky link, on clicking this link with specific keywords you can see those Easter eggs. Listed below are the few hoaxes which I have come across by now.

google is afraid to show its logo with rajinikanth

Level 17: Too easy!

Level 17 is really simple. Just open the source code and you will find how to get the password for this level. You will see something like this in the source code; Password: your IP address, yes this is it.

IP stands for internet protocol address. Every connection has one of its own. You can check your by googling or visiting any of these given sites.
– http://whatismyipaddress.com/
– http://www.ip2location.com/ Continue reading “Level 17: Too easy!”

Level 15: Wasted too much time?

Level 15 has got nothing in it, but still there is a great chance that you will end up wasting a lot of your time looking for a clue, when it was just infront of you. Well, when you open the link, and download the image to your computer and open it. Its all unavailable.

That’s where the next level is, unavailable. But it doesn’t has an extension, its just unavailable.

Good luck!!!