Hack this site is really a good place to learn about web technologies and provides a lot of information about security issues related to them with a very interesting way on how find exploit holes and learning to exploiting them.

Hacking missions on it are classified in different levels andĀ categories, that makes it easy to check your skills in a greater extent ranging from basic missions to real hacking sites. With that you can test Continue reading “Hackthissite.org”


Hacking is to hack, to find a way out of things, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. According to crime-research.org “Hacking is unauthorized use of computer and network resources.”, well, I don’t agree to them because to me hacking means like finding a way out through a maze or like solving a problem. Yes, what they say is right, like everything it has its own good andĀ evils. Choice is your’s which way you choose to go. Continue reading “Hacking”