Level 8: Need a PSD

After the first few easy levels these missions tend to get really hard and good. In our last level we learned about stenography you can read more about it on Wikipedia, its always good to learn more.

Level 8 seems to be a bit difficult in the beginning, but you can always start with the basic steps and follow the further clues. If we check the source code for this mission their is nothing much you will find there except this. Continue reading “Level 8: Need a PSD”

Level 6: Linking javascript

Tired of prompts? Lets solve this one quickly and move to next mission. When you check the source code for his mission you will not find a function like the previous levels. It is because the we necessarily do not need to write the javascript codes in our main file. We can also write it in a separate js file and link it.

<SCRIPT SRC=”psswd.js” LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Continue reading “Level 6: Linking javascript”

Level 3: Same Prompt?

Level 3 is all similar to the previous levels. But this level requries some knowledge of HTML as well. When you complete level 2 and come to level 3 it again gives you the same prompt box. So, we can just follow our usual steps and open the source code for this level.

On the very beginning of the page you will find the javascript function pass: Continue reading “Level 3: Same Prompt?”

Level 1: Log In

Level 1 of hackertest.net is really simple if you have a little knowledge of HTML and javascript. With that you can always try googling the answers. But the key to hacking is learning.

The mission does not gives any kind of intro or hint, no worries. We do always have the usual steps to start from. First thing to hacking is HTML the source code of the web page, it gives a lot vital information that will make an hack easy. Continue reading “Level 1: Log In”