Level 14: 20 Minutes Wasted!

Level 14 is just same like the previous level. In this case the image is different, its the bidvertiser.gif. So you can simply directory transverse and open this image using GIMP or paint.net and get to the next level.

In case you don’t want to do that much efforts, its totally.php.

Good luck!!!

Level 13: One difference

Level 13 is all the same like level 12 with just one difference. This time the image file we need to look for is different. Its images/lvl13.gif. If you open this image file you will find that Level 13 is in fact an image. And if you enlarge this image and look at it carefully you will find 4.xml written in the last l of level.

You can try opening this 4.xml but it won’t do any good, its just because its 4xml.php.

Good luck!!!

Level 12: 3 words

Level 12 is just a step more from level 11. The clues don’t really point towards something that would help. So, lets just begin with the normal source code. If you check the source code you will find a meta tag with an attribute name having the value clue and another attribute content having the value as use graphic software.

<meta name="clue" content="use graphic software">

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